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Your Masonry Contractor by Excellence in the YEG area is here as we provide easy going service with a professional attitude to serve you at the best. 

Repairing or preventing those exterior brick cracks with grey mortar that leaves a big scar in its place.

Relying on wood-fired pizza ovens and grills to enjoy large group gathering – we build it! Pick a custom and natural look for your driveway, patio, pool deck, or brick veneer wall.

Custom repair, upgrade or install a new fireplace that will add character, charm, and beauty to your living room.

Repair and restore the roof or walls of your historical building – without additional problems.

The solution? The Best Edmonton Masonry Contractor!

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Beginning as a one man operation, Edmonton Masonry has grown to be a respected and trusted masonry company. Our founder realized there was a need to preserve the historic beauty; be it schools, libraries, churches, public buildings, and monuments.

A need that was hyped by existing soils, prolonged use, or adverse weather conditions – which causes a shift in the foundation. Whenever the foundation shifts, cracks develop in bricks and mortar. And while the cracks could be prevented and repaired with grey mortar, it left large scars in its place. He stepped up to not only repair the problem but also restore the historical property to its original charm & beauty.

That extended to custom installations of chimneys, fireplaces, hardscape, and driveways – pretty much anything that uses bricks and stones – their repairs and upgrade. We work with most masonry materials like stone, brick, concrete, pavers, and stucco. Since our inception, we have concentrated on quality and customer satisfaction. Today, our name is synonymous with excellence and high standard.

Why Us?

Who we are

With a skilled workforce of over 10 highly specialized employees, our growth continues, but the mission remains the same: to exceed your expectations. As a Masonry Contractor, we understand the importance of finishing the project the way it’s supposed to be.

Being a family-oriented business, were a strive for communication. We never lose sight of the fact that we are working on a person’s home. Your sanctuary, comfort, and a refugee from the world.

To that end, we always assign the highest priority to exceeding your expectations, delivering our promise, taking responsibility for our mistakes, being honest at all times, and providing timely responses.

We’ve been doing restoration and construction for decades, as the go-to experts, we can handle even the most complex projects and renovations. Our industry expertise is a certified experience with a Red Seal Journeyman bricklayer. 

What we stand for

Safety comes first in everything we do – from planning to execution and we strive to provide dependable services in that no additional structure problems accrue from our services. We prioritize service and integrity.

We install structures intending to achieve long service and load-carrying life. All while taking into account your family’s safety. That means no crooked edges on that summer kitchen. We secure construction permits for everything – from chimneys to driveways – which ensures the safety of the operation. To create trust, we offer a guarantee on our construction services. An assurance that the structure will stand the test of time.

Our Reputation

The high-end masonry services offered by our contractors have made Edmonton Masonry the go-to company for restoration services to historical features and custom installation of masonry system-based structures. We are respected and trusted for our concrete, masonry, brick, and stonework.

Edmonton Masonry are a winner for best feature and structure restoration (2014), scooped a super service award in 2018, named a promising chimney contractor, featured in top 10 in home décor. Also, we have received a certificate for recognition for outstanding work in renovating a one-lane library.

Besides, our previous clients call us a first-class, full-service masonry contractor at your service. We take pride in delivering

Why Masonry?

Well, in the spirit of famous architect Louis Kahn, “What do you want your building to be?”

Because if you need a durable structure that yields solid economic savings, lasting beauty, and an enhancement to your standing in your community; then, your odds are better off with a masonry system. Masonry is elemental. It’s from the earth – speaking about the past preserved in great wonders of the world. And it’s future is only limited by our imagination. The quality image resulting from a masonry system is one of permanence and excellence. 

Masonry units possess great choices of texture, colors, and sizes, providing you with much-needed flexibility in design. It is the choice for individuals who care about their image and who want nothing to do with the look-alike metal buildings. People who rely on their constructions to affirm their business quality, substance, and permanence.


Besides, masonry is sure to save your insurance cost thanks to its fire resistance properties. It also saves on maintenance cost because masonry units do not shatter, warp, rust, buckle, rot, or dent, and they eliminate the need to repaint and clean. 

Massive temperature retention lowers energy costs in hot and wintry weather conditions, all while being stable and resistant to sound transmission. With a masonry system, the construction can commence immediately and proceed without delay associated with shop drawings avoiding delays linked to fabrications and the problems accruing from fabrication tolerances.

As a Masonry contractor, we qualify to deliver the best final product. We commonly use bricks for the following reasons.

Benefits Of Using Bricks

Bricks masonry eliminates the need for highly skilled labor thanks to its uniform size and shape. They are lightweight a.k.a. relatively lower dead load (when compared to other masonry units, making them easy to handle and transport.

Brick masonry results in thinner walls, which save on space as well as the cost of creating joints. They can go with different types of mortar (per the client structural requirements), which increases design flexibility.

They are cheaper than concrete blocks and masonry stones. And their uniform shape minimizes the amount of adherence mortar required – further lowering the client construction cost.

Also, it is relatively easier to create door and window openings, which further lower labor costs. We employ detailed mortar staining and matching technology – setting a new standard for historical restoration, masonry repair, and installation in the Edmonton area. We employ detailed mortar staining and matching technology – setting a new standard for historical restoration, masonry repair, and installation in the Edmonton area.

Our Masonry Services

Residential Masonry

Both Exterior and Interior.

Our decades of experience in residential masonry see us deliver quality workmanship at reasonable rates for your indoor and outdoor projects. Be it structural or decorative.

We can reliably build your privacy walls, retaining walls, stone entryways, and chimneys. Or restore your Rumford boxes, stone facades, patios, paved drive, and pathways.

Edmonton Masonry are in a collaborative environment to ensure your residential masonry challenges are met in sustainable ways – during design and construction processes. From the initial meetings to final touches, we execute your vision while staying on target, on budget, and on time. 

Commercial Masonry

No commercial masonry unit is built to last an eternity. Your warehouses, office buildings, or shopping malls will at one point require restoration services.

And that’s what we are here for – restoring your commercial masonry structures to their original glory. From correcting moisture-related swelling through to brick repointing and replacement.

Now, this is done before the deterioration is irreversible lest risk incurring reconstruction costs.

We encourage you to proactively carry out preventive maintenance and repairs of any qualified bricklayer or stonemason. Call Us for a full inspection. Nonetheless, we got your back if reconstruction or new installation is required.

Stamped Concrete

Coming Soon!


Coming Soon!

Concrete Patio

More To Come!

Retaining Wall

Being the most durable part of the building, you require a professional who can deliver excellent masonry walls constructions. Be it cavity walls, brick veneer, concrete block veneer, stone slab veneer, steel stud, wood stud, reinforced brick block, or reinforced concrete block.

We take the purpose of the wall into account to deliver your vision on time, on budget, and target. And yes, we are comfortable using masonry blocks, rocks, stones, tiles, marbles, and solid squares; as well as a variety of mortar to bring your building construction wall or barrier to ‘life’.

Fire Pit

Edmonton Masonry builds from the ground up the firepit you need to hang out with your best friends on a nice cool summer day around the city. 

Loading Dock

Your loading dock is the place of magic. It’s where transport starts and ends.

Product production and packing is half the battle, loading and unloading form the other half. Thus, there is a need to make the process as quick and efficient as possible. And that’s where we come in – to help in the design and construction of your loading dock.

We take into account the volume and type of traffic expected in and out of your warehouse, waterfront, etc. to determine the width and height of the dock, and then go a step further to ensure proper ventilation & fans, utilize the right equipment, and strive to avoid danger resulting from FACTS.

  • Forklift Accidents
  • Attention and Alertness
  • Carbon Monoxide Poisoning
  • Trailer Creep
  • Slips, Trips, and Falls

We have realized that using scheduling software makes things easy.

Demising Wall

When constructing your demising wall, we take into account sound control, smoke or fire control, and the location of the wall. All to provide you with the best value for money. You best Masonry Contractor in Edmonton can help you protect your property by strategically installing this specific wall.

We can work with prefabricated walls or build one from scratch. Either way, we strive to save your time, reduce material and labor costs. 

Brick Repair

We offer the experience and capability to repair problems in masonry constructions. Our techniques include repointing deteriorated mortar joints, lintel, and shelf angel restoration or replacement, removal and replacement of distressed or cracked brick, installation of expansion joints to enhance movement in masonry systems. All Masonry Contractors can fix those quick repairs, nevertheless, a job well done will prevent bigger repairs down the road. Call Edmonton Masonry for an assessment.

With our repairs, we not only add the service life of your structure, we also restore the original charm and beauty of the structure envelope. And our secret is in finding the right mortar match for performance and aesthetics.

Remedial Work

When the construction, maintenance, or use of an authorized project incur damages to your features or structures, we got you covered. We step in to remedy any damages and employ technology, art, and science to prevent further damage.



At Edmonton Masonry, we can update your existing and old driveway into a brand new pavement that matches or update the look of your property.

Stone Patios

Is a stone walkway part of your landscaping project? No better time to get your Masonry Contractor to come an asses your project for the summertime.

Do not concern yourself with terrain conditions anymore for we got your back. When we step in, we take into account the width and layout of the intended walkway to ensure maximum performance and aesthetics.

The purpose of the walkway plays a major role in our design and construction process. Our design considerations take into account any electrical conduits and services that might be positioned below the grade. The latter is useful for light posts along the pathway which not only provides light but also security at night.

So, are you a historical association, a contractor, a structure owner in need of our expert installation and restoration services? Call Us Today to talk to our bricklayer specialists!