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Chimney Repair

A Chimney repair ideally is best done in the fall, especially in a cold and frigid winter as we experience in Northern Alberta. Fixing the cracked or broken chimney in the middle of our winter is definitely not easier.

Did the previous homeowner hire some craftsmen to rebuild the chimney, only for them to cut corners? Are now stuck with water leaking into your house?

While you may be considering repairs, you cannot seem to get a free or affordable estimate on chimney repairs.Or a company that will provide you with detailed inspections – lots of pictures and explanations about the damaged areas.

A masonry services company that can deliver quality work with little to no supervision from the homeowner.

The solution? Edmonton Masonry!!

​Who We Are

We are a family-oriented company that takes to heart the fact that were working on your home – your refugee from the world.

Ours is not only to solve a problem but also to restore a structure to its original glory.

We strive to create your vision while exceeding your expectations every time. And being integrity above experience kinda company, we are honest and own up to any mistakes made.

Our goal is to create trust by providing installations and repairs with long service and load-bearing life.

Safety comes first in all we do – as we marry the art and science of masonry systems and technology to provide you with distinctive structures that fit your budget and style.

In our heart lies our double guarantee, quick response even to emergency needs, and careful execution process.

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Chimney Installation

We install, repair, and restore your chimney …or fireplace as well.

A good chimney ought to carry exhaust and smoke upwards and out of the room; while providing the draft that feeds oxygen to your bonfire to keep it burning. It should be safe to operate and adequate for your fireplace too.

With that in mind, Edmonton Masonry is committed to cleaning, repairing, or installing a customized chimney in your home.

Chimney Cleaning

Keeping your chimney clean is vital in the prevention of house fires and other hazards. If you just moved, here are …

Signs your chimney needs cleaning

  • Burned woods odors originating from your fireplace when not in use
  • Poorly burning fires
  • Animal nests inside the chimney
  • A black damper or oily spots on the walls

How often to clean your chimney

The frequency with which to clean depends on:

  • Its usage   
  • Type of fires built
  • Type of fuel used

It is advisable to clean at least once a year – preferably before the fall.

Dangers of an unclean chimney

  • Fire hazard due to accumulation of creosote
  • Toxic build-up forming around the built-up creosote

Carbon monoxide due to reduced airflow into the fireplace

It’s advisable to hire for a sweeps. Certified professionals who can thoroughly clean in a fraction of time.

Our professional cleaning services that include:

  • Safety inspections
  • Dampers installation
  • Dryer vent cleaning
  • Bird and animal removal
  • Caps installation
  • Full-service cleaning

Chimney Repair

Never take your chimney for granted. If it shows the following signs, tend to it first.

Signs it needs  repair:

  • Rust
  • White staining
  • Deteriorating mortar joints
  • Slices of the masonry units collecting in the fireplace (shaling)
  • Presence of bits of masonry units at the bottom (spalling)
  • Damaged wallpapers nearby
  • Damaged chimney crown

How often to do a reparative maintenance?

Experts recommend a thorough inspection at least once a year, accompanied by any reparative maintenance and repairs that are deemed necessary. A chimney serves to drive excessive heat upwards and outside of your house. Therefore, any unsealed cracks can leak fire into the adjacent walls – leading to structural damage or worse, house fire. Also, a defect can fail to draw gases and smoke away from the house – leading to an accumulation of toxic gases that, once inhaled, can cause illness.

Hire a certified professionals who can thoroughly inspect whether it has an incorrect building technique, missing mortar, and/or cracked tiles – and provide the necessary repairs.

At Edmonton Masonry, our repair services include:

  • Crown repair
  • Replacement
  • Upgrades or new installations
  • Relining and addition of new liners

Chimney Installation

When installing a wood-burning appliance, you should build or install a prefabricated chimney to vent out smoke and gases.

And when installing a new chimney (be it a factory-built or masonry), the flue size should be as recommended by an Engineer or the manufacture – for prefabricated types.

Factors to consider when installing a

  • Location – should be placed far from outside walls to minimize its exposure to weather elements.
  • Insulation – should be lined with high-grade materials to minimize fire and associated hazards.
  • Safety codes – should meet the building safety codes from design to lining.
  • Maintenance – should be subjected to an annual inspection and regular reparative maintenances

And for an expert chimney installer, your best Edmonton Masonry Contractor got your back.

We strive to deliver a durable and elegant chimney that fits your specifications and your house design.

We have a vast portfolio comprising of prominent works as can be seen on our gallery. The reason our clients term our services as a 110% value of their buck.

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