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Masonry Restoration Edmonton

Forty years past and bricks are cracking and falling. That’s when you know you need some Masonry Restoration. Disasters, whether natural or human-made, can throw you and your property off balance. A fire gushes through your home and leaves a trail of distraction. Or a storm pounds, and the next thing you know is your house, and the items therein are almost submerged in water.

When such disasters strike, you don’t remain in that condition forever; you take action to restore your home or property to its initial state. That is where our masonry restoration services come in.

That might sound interesting but mason are, or should be part of the restoration process. We know because we have done it for many decades.

As reputable company of masonry restoration, we do many things, some of which might sound far-fetched but won’t succeed without

​Who We Are

We are a professional masonry restoration company. We specialize in making your damaged masonry issues look brand-new and back in shape even after terrible misfortunes. And we are proud of our achievements in this field. Edmonton Masonry works hard to provide best customer service and amazing masonry projects for the entire city.

There’s a reason for this.

We have a track record of many years helping property owners get back their peace of mind after unforeseen calamities strike their premises. And we’ll be more than glad to offer you our high-quality restoration services.

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Our Restoration Services

We cover almost all imaginable forms of property restoration and remodeling.

Brick Restoration

At Edmonton Masonry, we are passionate about masonry; we love stone and stone-work. Our able team of stonemasons can repair, build, and restore anything made of stone. These highly skilled team has learned this trade using age-old traditional methods. Therefore, it’s not surprising that this excellent team completes high-quality projects ranging from churches to chimneys, colleges, historical buildings, and more.

Your stone masonry restoration project is in the best hands when you hire us to do the job for you.

Concrete Replacement

You look around, and your concrete is too old and cracked that it requires urgent restoration. That’s when to seek the services of a credible, concrete replacement company. Such a company must have highly skilled and motivated technicians with a passion for concrete.

Our team can handle any of your concrete replacement and restoration needs. Whether it’s the driveway, sidewalk, floor, ramp, or patio, our team will remove and replace the concrete.

Water Damage Restoration

Having to deal with storm damage can be stressful. Instead of trying to clean your property and clear the aftermath of the storm, let Edmonton Masonry restoration make the process easier. We provide top-notch storm damage restoration services that cover the following:

Water extraction – we extract all the floodwater from the building and expertly dry everything in the affected area.

Damage assessment- we inspect the entire property for any storm damage and identify the repairs we need.

Insurance claims assistance- we don’t leave you without preparing a damage report to present to the insurance agency.

Damage restoration – we complete all the water damage restoration, including sanitizing the carpets and repairing any drywall rot.

Anytime you experience storm or water damage, contact us. Our certified technicians will arrive shortly and work fast to extract the water and protect your property from expensive water damage.

Terra Cotta Restoration

Terra Cotta restoration can be both simple and extremely complex depending on the circumstances. Deterioration of glazed Terra Cotta, units, metal anchoring units, mortar, and masonry backups can be complex. This complexity can lead to a domino-like effect which can cause a failure of the entire system.

Our experienced team can handle any situation your structure might present, including past repairs, inconsistencies in building practices and the complexity of your structure’s internal components. In this line we offer one of the best ranges of solutions to cater for your Terra Cotta repair needs. These include:

Replacement using Terra Cotta and a variety of alternatives.

  • Stone
  • Fiberglass
  • GFRC
  • Precast concrete
  • Cast Stone


  • Re-pointing
  • Patching
  • Piece Replacement
  • Re-anchoring
  • Sealant Replacement
  • Flashing Remediation


  • Anchoring System
  • Adjacent Terra Cott

Why Choose Us

There are compelling reasons why an ever-increasing number of property owners are trusting our services when disasters strike. Consider the following:

Quick service

We understand you want to get your life and property back in order in the shortest time possible. That’s why we work fast but without compromising the quality of the restoration service.

Our reputation

As is attested by the many positive reviews and testimonials from many satisfied customers, we have an excellent reputation.


When you hire us for any restoration services, you are sure you are getting some of the industry’s most competitive rates. We are committed to offering the best restoration services at the most affordable price.

One of the widest ranges of services

Yes, we offer one of the widest ranges of services in the market including:

  • Restoration of brick, stone, architectural cast stone and terra cotta
  • Cleaning of all concrete, dry it surfaces and masonry
  • Preservation and maintenance of concrete and masonry building elements
  • Masonry staining and coloring
  • Repairing and resetting of dimensional stonework
  • Anchoring and stabilization of building facades
  • Structural repair of masonry and concrete
  • Repair of, and coatings for, concrete decks
  • Consultation of adaptive reuse and rehabilitation of masonry structures

Contact us immediately when you have any restoration issues. Our team will get to your property expeditiously and use all the skills and technologies to restore your place and have you back to your everyday life again.

 We Promise You The Best